My Style

Some more about my work and my approach to your shoot


I grew up in a family that cherished telling stories and sharing photographs. I remember sitting with my grandparents for ages and going through their old albums and talking about the stories behind each of their photographs. It's because of this, that my love for documenting peoples stories was born.

To me, documenting a wedding (or any other session for that matter) is about so much more than getting 'insta worthy' or flawless images. I believe in in documenting moments as they are; real, raw and finding beauty in those (what may be considered) imperfect moments.

It is my passion for capturing authentic and natural moments that drives my non-obtrusive, 'fly on the wall' approach. I enjoy documenting moments as they naturally unfold, from casual moments with friends to the first glance you and your loved ones share. I firmly believe that it's these small, authentic moments that contribute t0 the story of your wedding day.

While I do enjoy documenting things as they naturally unfold, I understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. Because of this I still give direction and take control as needed. This ensures that you get a perfect blend of documentary imagery with a mixture of editorial style as well.

This approach translates into my editing style as well. I strive to keep my editing true to the colour palette of the day, I want you to remember the colour of your flowers, how blue the sky was and more.

My aim will always be to create timeless pictures that truly tell the story of your wedding day


I am here to ensure that your experience is as stress free as possible. Need help with timelines? No problem, I will put together a rough draft for you. Needing some help finding a florist/make up artist/DJ? I'm here to help. Let me know what you have in mind, and I will try my best to assist!

I do also understand that not everyone is comfortable or enjoys being in front of the camera (me neither, thats why i'm a photographer). Rest assured that I will guide you and help you through your session so that you get the best photographs of the two of you together. I will encourage you to embrace the weird, the awkward and silly-ness that the two of you share and experience when in front of the camera. It sounds weird and feels weird, BUT 90% of of the time, if you go with the flow and trust the process, you will get images that are nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

so Lets start this journey

lets tell your story and lets do something FLIPPEN AWESOME!

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