Hey! Its me


My name is Lauren

I am a born and bred Capetonian, animal lover, plant hoarder, wine drinker and of course, a wedding photographer.

When not photographing weddings I like to spend my time with my dogs, cats and my partner. I enjoy hiking, drinking good wine, playing board games and collecting earrings and trinkets.

There are few things that make me happier than a good braai at sunset with friends, the smell of fynbos. And road trips, and during the hot summer months I volunteer for the 'Volunteer Wildfire Services' .

My photographic journey started in my High School darkroom. After years of studying, assisting, and second shooting with many amazing photographers, I photographed my first wedding in 2014 and from that moment I knew that this is what i was meant to do. I left my full time job in 2016 and have been incredibly lucky to be doing this full time since then.

I have shot and worked on over 200 weddings and I still fall madly in love with documenting them every single time.


Having the opportunity to photograph a wedding, is something so so special and something so incredible (i actually cant put into words what a meaningful experience it is). Not only is each couple and wedding COMPLETELY unique, I love the whirlwind of emotions and the little moments that happen throughout the day.


Those spontaneous and organic moments that happen throughout the day are important to me, and that is why I like to take a non-intrusive approach to photographing your wedding day. However, should there be a spot of perfect light that will add an extra level of magic to your photographs, I may ask you to go stand there for some beautiful portrait or couple photographs.

My work is about so much more than creating a series of pinterest perfect images. Its about the real-ness of your wedding day. It's about the moments of laughter, and the moments when the emotions become too much. Moments of love, silliness and those moments of complete and utter euphoria. The missed moments and the love shared between two families.

I photograph what I see. 

It is real, raw and 100% honest.






Obligatory pet pictures for the animal lovers out there

This is a safe space for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Love matters and inclusion matters.

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